How To Use Facebook Without Internet Pack For Free 2016

facebook without internet pack use kare

Free Unlimited Use Facebook Without Internet Pack Yes. is it true You can use facebook without internet pack if you don’t have enough data plain. But isn’t ussd method i comes with a brand new method for indian facebook.

As eveyone know facebook is a no.1 Platform and we can’t stop using fb becouse we have another family on facebook is that friends..

So if you don’t have data internet plan/ pack to use facebook then you can follow our easiest steps very quick.

maybe this steps will work only for indians  sim providers Airtel, idea , Vodafone or other sim operators should work if yes then mention us on the comment setion so other users can easily checkout.

How To Use Fb Unlimited Free without internet pack

Lets me Intruduce a Methods to use facebook for free on every mobile or on every mobile browser.with out data pack .

Required :-

1. SIM Operators :- Airtel (Recommended) , Idea , Vodafone or other

2. Make Sure Your main Account balance is 0.00rs  ( Internet Balance also)..


3. A devise with custom Proxy settings

Benifits :-

1. You can use ( (
2. Free Google Search and access to all over sites
3. Full Access to facebook messages,friends,groups,time line,pages, chats, Etc

Note :-

This methods are Suggested for Proxy users VPN / APN and You are following this on your own risk im not responsible for any kind of damage so i suggest  use free facebook or other social sites only for 6 hours per day (Do not download large files or any kind of videos ) Recommend Use of 200MB in a day.

How To Use Facebook For Free Full Easy Methods

How to surf fb unlimited for free? so i found facebook was again unblocked “Online WebProxy” sites that means now every user can surf fb by another websites like a webpeoxy.

You can search on google “Online Web Proxy Sites” there are lot of sites which you can surf anonymously but this webproxy sites used on another method to surf free Web sites without any cost or Data pack especially i also tryed this methods on my airtel sim also surfed fb for free.

Lets Follow Steps Carefully without internet pack use fb

Isse Padhle

Facebook Bina email aur number ke kaise banaye aasan tarika

Isse Padhle

Facebook Profile par Long Name Id kaise Banaye

Here are some free Proxies for Airtel users :- ( If you are not an airtel provider then you can find a free proxy for your sim card by seaeching on google )

Free 100% Available Proxy for airtel

1. Proxy :- ZACEBOOK.COM
Port :- 80 or 443

2. Proxy :- PRX.I’M
Port :- 80 or 443

Airtel APN :-

1. APN :-
2. APN :-
3. APN :-
4. APN :- .


How To Use Fb Unlimited With Higher Speed free

So I mentioned above free working proxies .you need to copy any of them for an example i am using ZACEBOOK.COM Port :- 80 and APN :- to proccess this methods you can use any other or this one.

Follow the Steps Mobile Settings

Now You have to do a little setup on your mobile network settings Here is the little guide :-…

1. Go to Mobile “Settings → Wireless and network → Mobile Network → Access Point Name

2. Now Set The Proxy,Apn,Port mentioned above or you can use this

A. APN :- in the apn setion

B. Proxy :- Put this ZACEBOOK.COM

C. Port :- Put ” 80 ” or “443” if 80 doesn’t work

3. Now Save it and open a default Browser on your mobile and set “” as home page Or Visit

4. after you visit the airtelworld page you will be automatically redirect to web proxy now you have to just enter “ in the Box and then click on Hide Me

5. After Login with your facebook account in that page (its 100% safe also you can browse anonymously with this)

6. Now all is done you are now logged in with your fb account and browsing free facebook with 3G speed (No Of Cost)

This is the best for ever trick to use free and free unlimited faster facebook without internet net pack is this almost free also suggest us a better proxy tricks on the comment so our users can know more better .. This trick is Really amezing to surf fb for free and anonymously . also good thing is with this you can surf free internet all over sites all secured sites FREE without Internet balance.

If you have any question to releted this topic then comment or contact us , thanks


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